We understand that goalkeepers come In all shapes and sizes and each with our own Individual preferences.

KA Goalkeeping provide a varied collection in the following Goalkeeper Glove styles:


The Roll Finger | An extremely popular Goalkeeper Glove cut.  The latex on this cut wraps/rolls all the way round the fingers from back to front.  This creates the maximum latex to ball contact providing great catching security.  A Roll Finger Goalkeeper Glove creates a more substantial feel on the hands in comparison with a Negative Cut or Hybrid style.


The Hybrid Cut | This glove cut combines the best features of a Roll Finger and Negative Cut Goalkeeper glove, which is why it is referred to as a Hybrid Cut.  The middle 2 fingers a Negatively/Internally stitched creating a tighter fit and feel on the middle 2 fingers.  The outside (Index and Pinki) fingers are Rolled at the top providing more latex to ball contact and catching security.  Ideal for the Goalkeeper who likes a tighter fit while keeping the catching security of a Roll Finger model.


The Roll Control | This Goalkeeper Glove model provides the best features of a Roll Finger model but without any stitching at the base of the middle 2 fingers. The Roll Control Cut does not feel as substantial on the hands, which is why it is great when combined with Finger Protection Spines.  The Roll Control Cut also helps to reduce finger twisting, providing great hand to ball contact.