Never has the Goalkeeper been so important on the football pitch. As Goalkeepers we all know it .....

 I was a Professional Goalkeeper for 20 years, I know how important it is to wear Goalkeeper Gloves that make you feel invincible going into an important training session or big match.  I was frustrated with Goalkeeper Gloves on the market so put all my passion and experience into building a team that could create Goalkeeping Products that live up to our tag line #TrustInYourHands -Kenny Arthur - Kaliaaer (KA)

The need to trust the gloves we wear has NEVER been more important.  To combat the ever changing developments In football, our Goalkeeping design team work closely with Professional Goalkeepers around the world, to create a collection of Goalkeeper gloves and products that offer -VALUE, QUALITY and most importantly TRUST . Small margins can make a big difference to Goalkeepers that, we pour our heart and soul into making that difference.

Every development in football has made the life of a Goalkeepers harder.  Balls and football boots designed to be lighter, faster, unpredictable, create more swerve and spin - making the game for Goalkeepers much more challenging. We view it as our absolute responsibility to even this balance with the products we create.

No Matter age or playing level, Goalkeeper deserve the best in our opinion.  That is why we use exactly the same materials on all our retail gloves as the ones our pro Goalkeepers wear in leagues and international matches all around the world.

We Know that Goalkeepers will like different features, cuts and styles of gloves. Just like how we play, no 2 goalkeepers are identical. We have loads of cuts and features that create a unique fit and feel on the goalkeepers hands

 We formed the Kaliaaer KA Brand for 1 reason, to make the life of a goalkeeper easier,  so if you need anything, any help at all,  choosing the correct gloves,  or information on anything else of goalkeeping Click Here to see our FAQ page.  Email us  Click Here  for our contact us page.  Or get in touch via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.