Goalkeeper Glove Size guide

"Goalkeeper glove sizing is a very individual thing. We all have personal preferences to the way we want our gloves to fit and feel. 

As a general rule (some goalkeepers may prefer their gloves tighter or loser fitting) I measure my hand from the tip of the middle finger to the base of the palm.
I then add on a cm to take into consideration the thickness of the latex padding and lining used in the gloves"

"This gets me my perfect fit of glove, and matches our belief that as a GK you need" #TRUSTINYOURHANDS

Kenny Arthur
KA (Kaliaaer)

11Senior GK XL21.512.5
10Senior GK L2112
9Senior GK M20.511.5
8Senior GK S2011
7Youth GK L1911
6Youth GK S18.510.5
5Junior GK L1810
4Junior GK S17.510
3Young Gun16.59
2Young Gun168


Trust In Your Hands With The Right Size of Gloves