Our Golakeeping Mission

The Life of a Goalkeeper Isn't Easy......

There is nothing more important to Goalkeepers than the gloves we wear.  We all know how difficult being a Goalkeeper is - we need performance, reliability and any advantage from the gloves we choose.  

Hi I'm Kenny Arthur, I was a Professional Goalkeeper for 20 years. After spending many years feeling frustrated with goalkeeper gloves in the market, I decided to put all my experiences, and knowledge Into creating KA Goalkeeping - Goalkeeper Products that offer quality and value, that us Goalkeepers can rely on and TRUST to deliver when it matters most.

The continuous developments in football always seems to make our lives as Goalkeepers harder. The modern game sees balls and football boots designed to be lighter,  faster, unpredictable, create more swerve and spin on the ball - making the game for Goalkeepers more challenging and complex. The need to trust the gloves we wear has NEVER been more important.
Our mission is to redress the balance, making the life of a goalkeeper better with everything we do.  Extensive research and development in glove latex, materials and patterns have allowed us to create modern- classic Goalkeeper Gloves, that Goalkeepers of ANY level can TRUST.
Kenny Arthur Goalkeeper
professional Goakeeper Kenny Arthur
Kenny Arthur Wearing KA Gloves
Goalkeepers Must Trust in Your Hands