Innovation ....... Pushing the Boundaries of Goalkeeper Glove Design

Performance Enhancing Goalkeeper Products

We all know how hard it is to perform at the required level to keep strikers at bay and to make that all important match winning save  .....  We are goalkeepers and we will do anything for that performance advantage.

Kaliaaer's Influence on the goalkeeper glove market is huge. Known for award winning Innovation, unique designs and performance products, I am delighted to introduce the first Kaliaaer model to KA Goalkeeping customers -  The FLASHFRAME VELOZ series with innovative construction is designed to reduce drag - essentially making your hands quicker.  This could be the difference that gives us the extra centimeter on the ball turning a certain goal - to a match winning save.

In my opinion there are 2 types of goalkeeper gloves, both having a huge part to play in the life of a goalkeeper.  The first is an elite level latex goalkeeper glove that provides value, confidence and trust to us goalkeepers.  We pride ourselves in offering this in every pair of KA gloves.

There is also a need for Innovation, for pushing the boundaries of goalkeeper glove design, creating a performance advantage for the modern goalkeeper. This fits directly in with our mission of making the life of a goalkeeper easier in everything we do.

This is just the beginning ........

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Kenny Arthur