Eclipse Series Too Bright

The Eclipse Series of Goalkeeper Gloves launched in the US. Although they have been really well received by Goalkeepers, it seems that Strikers in little leagues are not as pleased with them.

We found the news grab above quite funny , but our priority always has been and always will be to do the best we possibly can for Goalkeepers.  If strikers, or anyone else for the matter is put out, or finds it harder to score, that’s good news in our book.

The response to the Eclipse Series of Goalkeeper Gloves has blown us away, particularly the brighter protector ones going down really well.  The Eagle Eyed Goalkeepers amongst you may have spotted some Kaliaaer Gloves on the KA site over the last while.  We were delighted to be able to use Kaliaaer Technology in the Eclipse series, including ShokLock Spines, aerGrip and aerGRIP+ latex and FireDrive lining.   Big things are happening, watch this space…………

If you want more info on the materials or specification of the Eclipse Series there are more details here – Eclipse Series Goalkeeper Gloves.


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