Glove Cut Guide

Glove Cut Guide


Making sure goalkeepers select the right gloves was the main reason we designed the KA glove cut guide.  It was also created to help parents select the right gloves for younger goalkeepers.   Knowing the features and benefits of a Roll finger, a Negative Cut Glove or a Hybrid cut helps in glove selection, ensures we get the glove that suits our needs,  and lets us goalkeepers get on with doing what we do best, keeping the ball out the net.

I was a Roll Finger glove wearer for most of my career, but after having the benefits of a hybrid cut explained to me, I tried these and really enjoyed the additional feel on the ball, without a loss of ball to hand contact.

You can view the KA Glove Cut Guide Here – Goalkeeper Glove Cut Guide

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Kenny Arthur

KA Goalkeeping

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