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Eclipse Series Too Bright

The Eclipse Series of Goalkeeper Gloves launched in the US. Although they have been really well received by Goalkeepers, it seems that Strikers in little leagues are not as pleased with them. We found the news grab above quite funny , but our priority always has been and always will be to do the best we possibly can for Goalkeepers.  If strikers, or anyone else for the matter is put out, or finds it harder to score, that’s good news in our book. The response to the Eclipse Series of... Read More


Eclipse Limited Edition Goalkeeper Gloves

We always love the release of a limited edition collection, but this year we have been blown away with how much Goalkeepers like them and how many strikers are moaning that they are too bright. Below is a behind the scenes from the Eclipse Limited Edition Photo shoot, but also sums up our mood perfectly when we hear of strikers having a moan. Eclipse Limited Edition Goalkeeper Gloves  


Glove Cut Guide

  Making sure goalkeepers select the right gloves was the main reason we designed the KA glove cut guide.  It was also created to help parents select the right gloves for younger goalkeepers.   Knowing the features and benefits of a Roll finger, a Negative Cut Glove or a Hybrid cut helps in glove selection, ensures we get the glove that suits our needs,  and lets us goalkeepers get on with doing what we do best, keeping the ball out the net. I was a Roll Finger glove wearer for most... Read More

Wet Weather Goalkeeper Gloves 02/11/2016

As The Weather Changes

As the weather changes to the normal winter season conditions of Rain, Rain, followed by more Rain.  We thought it was a great time to showcase the Adhesion HX20 model. The 2 Key Characteristics that make this THE wet weather glove this winter. A Roll Finger Model, with Double Wrap Thumb, this provides MAXIMUM surface to ball contact, which is really important in wet conditions. The Exceptional Adhesion HX20 Latex.  Worn by Joe Lewis of Aberdeen FC in the Scottish Premier League, this latex provides advanced gripping properties in wet... Read More

KA Goalkeeping Launch 21/08/2016

Welcome to the ALL NEW KA Goalkeeping Website

Welcome to the ALL New KA Goalkeeping Website. Goalkeeping is our passion, and our mission is to make the life of a goalkeeper easier in everything we do.  We are sure you will agree the new site not only looks great but makes it much easier to decide what are the perfect gloves for you, regardless of whether you are visiting on a desktop, tablet or mobile device. We hope you enjoy the new website and like the new collection of Goalkeeper Gloves as much as we do. We have... Read More