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Goalkeeper. The most Important Player on the Pitch


 We are Passionate about all things Goalkeeping. Gloves, Saves and Goalkeepers is what we are all about

Hi, I'm Kenny Arthur, I was a Professional Goalkeeper for 21 years, I know how important it is to wear Goalkeeper Gloves that make you feel invincible going into a training session or match.  After spending many years frustrated with Goalkeeper Gloves in the market, I put all my experience and knowledge into creating Goalkeeping Products that offer quality, value for money, and above all a product that us Goalkeepers can rely on. Trust In Your Hands

Goalkeepers can be the forgotten person in the team, but we know that the Goalkeeper is the most important and difficult position on the pitch. That is why the bond between Goalkeepers is unique.

The need to trust the gloves we wear has NEVER been more important.  To combat the ever changing developments In football, our Goalkeeping design team work closely with Professional and Amateur Goalkeepers around the world, to create a collection of Goalkeeper gloves and products that offer VALUE, QUALITY and most importantly - TRUST - to deliver WHERE it matters most - for ALL Goalkeepers of ALL ages & ALL levels.

Every developments in football  makes the life of a Goalkeepers harder.  Balls and football boots are designed to be lighter, faster, unpredictable, create more swerve and spin - making the game for Goalkeepers more challenging and complex.

We know that when you have a big match or important training session coming up you want to get your brand new Goalkeeper Gloves in a hurry.  You might want to pre wash your gloves before you use them so we use some speedy shipping services meaning you can continue your big game preparation. knowing your Goalkeeper gloves are on the way. 

 Click Here for more information on our GK Glove delivery .  We know how important it is for Goalkeepers to wear gloves that make them feel comfortable, allowing concentration on making that Game changing save, or taking that cross in the last minute to take pressure off the team.  We are happy to exchange your gloves, as you know it's so important to us that you Trust In Your Hands.  Click Here for our information on our Goalkeeper glove return policy. 

Goalkeepers of any age, and any level, deserve the best in our opinion.  For that reason we use exactly the same materials on all our retail/website gloves as the ones our pro Goalkeepers wear in leagues all around the world.

  Most Pro Goalkeeper have their name, nickname or initials on their gloves.  We provide this to all Goalkeepers on all of our glove models.  Make them personal and wear them just like the pro keepers do.
We understand that Goalkeepers all have individual likes and dislikes. Our Commitment to Goalkeeping Excellence means we provide Goalkeeper gloves in several palm cuts, latex options and performance features.
Why are we here?  It's simple, we exist to make the life of a goalkeeper easier,  so if you need anything, any help at all,  choosing the correct gloves,  or information on anything else of goalkeeping Click Here to see our FAQ page.  Email us info@kagoalkeeping.co.uk.  Click Here  for our contact us page.  Or get in touch via Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

GOALKEEPERS | The Most Important Position on the Football Pitch